LANTERN – ‘Dream Mine’ C40
After a couple of killer cassettes on Night-People and also perpetually backing everyone’s favorite crooner, Dirty Beaches, Lantern steps over to Bathetic with their new cassette, Dream Mine. The tape comes out sounding like a rotgut, fucked up, long-lost Stooges bootleg — while coincidentally there is in fact a 7 minute version of the classic “I Wanna Be Your Dog” — but with a bunch of weird shit going on that breaks up the slurred rock, like the heroin-withdrawal rambling drone of “Fools Gold.” This tape is like dreaming of finger-popping the hottest girl in class, but you’re actually face-deep in a vat of tar, all gasping and choking, snorting and flailing. Not for the faint of heart, this is a slab of hot n’ raw, wild n’ nasty. Voodoo drips off the tape as it unwinds. Dip in and get shanked.  Check out some fun times with Lantern and snag a nice Pizza Recipe in the process!


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