Elbogen fonogram

V/A – ‘Nordöstra Malmö (Northeast Malmö)’ C36 €4.5
A collection of industrial sounds and impressions from the northeast outskirts of Malmö: Värnhem, Östervärn, Midhem, Kirseberg. Among outcasts and drunks, gypsies and orphans, thieves and witches. Featuring Amph, Mirrors Are Black, Arkhe, Backasvinet, and introducing: Teufelsdröckh.  The first dangerous area encompassed the eastern part of the city, before the bridges. The second, more dangerous, was between the canal and Värnhem. The third, abode of the deepest darkness, was the Hills, but who dared to go there? Reverend Hagbard Isberg, late 19th century.


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