EK53-Sean McCann and Matthew Sullivan – ‘Jackpot’ C26 $7.5(US)/$8.5(Mexico+Canada)/$10.5(World)
Consisting of source material recorded around the half way point of production on the “Vantiy Fair” LP released earlier this year on Recital.  “Jackpot” is a document of sketches and collages exploring techniques in cassette playback,  field recording, and the combination of varying fidelities, all based outside of a studio setting.   With sources ranging from, but not limited to the household sounds of M. Geddes Gengras home and studio in East Los Angeles, a trip to LA Gun Club,  solo and duet recordings of piano, violin, acoustic guitar, trumpet, percussion, and Sean’s weekend in Las Vegas last summer.  Plans for another LP already in the works for later this year.

EK54-Matthewdavid – ‘Destin’ C32 $7.5(US)/$8.5(Mexico+Canada)/$10.5(World)
A longform ambient work spanning two sides by Los Angeles artist and Leaving Records head,  Matthewdavid. On “Destin”, said to be inspired by memories of a childhood vacation,  Matthew has really honed in on the space of the sounds presented throughout the piece. Shifting moment to moment with great subtly and a sharp ear for texture and use of pattern amongst the overall chaos of the piece.  All sourced from extremely compressed cassette, the use of hiss and the quite jarring sounds of the actual tapes used to create this material play as much of a role as the melodies in the foreground.  A truly unique take on modern ambient and cassette-based music.

EK55-Geoff Mullen – ‘Alone and In A Room’ C35 $7.5(US)/$8.5(Mexico+Canada)/$10.5(World)
A collection of live performances by Providence, Rhode Island’s Geoff Mullen.  His first solo release for Ekhein following a recent string of releases on the Rel and Draft labels. Featuring sets at Cafe Fixe, Zebulon, and The Aviavry as well as percussion sources by Eli Keszler (who features Geoff on his recent “Cold Pin” LP on Pan).  Blurring the lines between tape collage and live instrumentation,  Mullen is no stranger to improvisation in the live setting,  performing in many groups and collaborations over the years (and just recently going on his first European tour).   His talent for creating minimal,  at times deeply chaotic tension, yet maintaining complete control is without a doubt on full display here.

EK56-The Compass Rose – ‘The Simulation District’ C28 $7.5(US)/$8.5(Mexico+Canada)/$10.5(World)
Sophmore release by duo The Compass Rose.  Rumored to have taken nearly a year to complete following a move back to the states, Jack Gilbert and company have finally returned with a new album of data and voice.  Whereas the focus of the previous Compass Rose release “The Plough Horse” concerned the totality of all things, “The Simulation Distrcit” seems to aim it’s sights on what doesn’t exist,  what is invisible,  and what is inevitable.  .  Plans for a debut LP in the works.

EK57-The Accidents – ‘Demo Color’ C34 $7.5(US)/$8.5(Mexico+Canada)/$10.5(World)
Debut release from the mysterious Cleveland, Ohio unit, The Accidents.  Not limiting themselves to any “genre”, “Demo Color” has genuine variety within it’s 11 tracks and manages to maintain a cohesive center.  Lush synthesizer and drum machine arrangements,  heartfelt acoustic guitar and cassette work.  With central themes of disaster and loss, particularly in America in the last century, there is a strong emotional core to this release not often heard in synthesizer based music at this moment in time.  Expressing something beyond the surface and incorporating an extremely human narrative somewhere it is often lacking


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