Faux Pas

FAX 035: Anthro Rex – ‘Return to Sender’ C30 $6(US)/$8(WORLD)
Famed tumblrer and collage-ist, Daniel James Cashman, presents us with his most personal and, believe it or not, introspective release to date. The songs and attitude of Anthropophagous Rex have long been a heavy influence on my own music, so I couldn’t be prouder to package this one up for the hungry masses. Can’t lose with song titles like “Snuggler’s Blues” and this summer’s big hit, “I Hate Stuff That Sucks”. Thank you for the hard rock. Edition of 50.

FAX 033: Lack – ‘Commitment to Academia’ C20 $6(US)/$8(WORLD)
“Everyone’s favorite goth”, Carrboro’s own Philip Maier AKA Lack hits hard with his minimal electronic stylistics and, dare I say it, even puts a little bit of a donk on it. Dance with the crystal skull and stare deep into it’s eyes, and I promise you will end up carrying it for life. Edition of 50.

FAX 031: Bastian Void/Three Fourths Tigers split C60 $6(US)/$8(WORLD)
Split release from Joseph Bastardo and Ryan Mulhall, the two halves of Looks Realistic. Roots, leaves, moss and dirt. Each half is a distinct take on tape recording and manipulation, using synthesizers and sampling keyboards. Both sides were edited, mixed and arranged at Moss Archive, in the forest-valley of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed, imprinted tapes, co-released with Moss Archive.


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