Gigante Sound

Lord Tang – ‘Lord Tang’ CD/MP3/Cassette
We have a new release from Evangelista keyboard player Dominic Cramp we would love for you to review! Gigante Sound is proud to present the self-titled debut from Lord Tang. Cramp has garnered much from his travels with Carla Bozulich and Co. and he brings some of that experience to bear on this record. Most influential of these, is the formation and deconstruction of the song. Cramp is better known for his sample alchemy and abstract composition as Borful Tang but as Lord Tang, he brings the beats, melodies, sub-bass, clanging delays all hand crafted in the corner of an old warehouse in Oakland, California. Channeling the dark beauty in the dirt, grime and rambling melange of the surrounding urban landscape; beats are put on cassette tape that has been mangled into the carpet, analog synth melodies are slowed and stretched, spring reverbs are kicked and howl! Influenced as much by Demdike Stare and Zomby as Madlib, King Tubby, This Heat, Mr. Oizo and the Sublime Frequencies catalog, Lord Tang is pulling sound from across the spectrum into his own personalized smithery.


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