High Scores and Records

Prescription Pills – ‘New Division’ CS
Prescription Pills’ New Division is the third cassette release from Portland label High Scores and Records.  The lyrical content of this 9 track cassette deals mostly with isolation, loss and regret, juxtaposed against driving drum machine dance beats, noodley guitar lines and dream fuzz synth reminiscent of 80’s new wave and Nü-Goth. The album revolves around the strong vocal melodies and lyrical depth delivered over the simple yet detailed chord progressions and often
minimalist beats.  New Division is a strong follow-up to Prescription Pills previous Graveyaard EP (Eggy Tapes) and exemplifies a wider sonic range, expanded concepts and less of a genre-defined sound. Whether used for dancing, lounging in bed, or reliving past mistakes, New Division is a well-rounded album, telling you the things you’d least like to hear in the most pleasant way.


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