MPALA GAROO – ‘Ou Du Monde’ LP
Upgrade of the original cassette release on Sweat Lodge Guru. Moscow multi-instrumentalist Ivan Karib who also plays in Kon Tiki Gemini makes wondrous spaced-out and multi-layered electronics that float somewhere between Ducktails and Sean McCann. The tropics invade Russia and clatter to the floor. ghost guitars ring hollow, looping around endlessly searching for synthetic embrase. Sweat Lodge Guru described the recordings as “Music crafted for the sunny and tropical paradises of our minds. Seasonal temperament is shared via magnetic vibes; we can all exist in the same balmy and tropical headstate no matter what our physical locale may be. Pure vibrations that ebb and flow on the appeal of tidal moons.” * Mastered by Anders Peterson * Edition of 300 copies.

Re-issue of this long sold out cassette on Gift Tapes. Mind over Mirrors is Jaime Fennely harmonium player and electronica builder. Before he started his solo-project he was a member of junkfolkband Peeesseye and psychedelic freejazztrio Acid Birds. He created Mind Over Mirrors when he was residing on an island in the Salish Sea in Washington from 2007 till 2010.  Mind Over Mirrors’ music is all about saturated sound. Fennelly plays his pump organ through a battery of oscillators and effects that extend and distort its tones to obtain in-the-red highs, chest-rattling mids, and low notes as bulbous and squeezable as a slightly underinflated inner tube. The end results are slow constructive growing, repetitive melodies, warming wilderness of vivid harmonic depth.  * Art by Mind Over Mirrors * Mastered and cut by Rashad @ D+M * Edition of 400 copies.

CVLTS – ‘Realiser’ LP
The Kansas post-hypnagogia psych enigma CVLTS create a strange distillation of improvisation, keyboards, loops and field recordings. Song length carpets of sound with the occasional attempt at dream pop. CVLTS are the Kings of Haze and they will make all your dreams come true. * Art by Landon Metz* Past-on cover art * Edition of 150 copies.

Two wonderful long straight running drone pieces by underground artists Tidal & Rambutan. Both have released numerous tapes on labels such as Stunned, No Kings, Digitalis, Hobo Cult, Hooker Vision.  Tidal blesses us with a Popol Vuh-esque ride to the future and Rambutan contributes a beautiful accompanying magical piece to the B-side. * Art by Jennifer Crouch * Silk-screened covers by Niels Voaals* Insert. Mastered by Anders Peterson. Edition of 150 copies.


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