MOONWOOD – ‘The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack’ CD
48 Mins. Ltd. Ed. lino block printed, translucent red envelope with 3-pack of pin-back buttons. Taking a cue from the Kipling-inspired title, Toronto-based psych-improv guitarist Moonwood follows his “river ghosts” on Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” into the exotic heart of darkness. From the meditative opener, “So The Darkness Shall Be The Light, And The Stillness Be The Dancing” to the rambling opium den epic of “Where The Flowers Blossom Red”, the album smoulders with Javanese go-go gamelan gongs, smoky Cambodian funk, wicked Celtic ragas, deep Saharan blues, simmering Sufi surf and spaced-out Indian soul. A heady fusion for heady times (times like, say, 1972 or, possibly, 1912).


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