Boy Fruit – ‘Demonology’ CD $8
Both blunted and schizophrenic, Boy Fruit’s take on hip hop is a pile of twitching and glitching contradictions.    A set of rambling songs and micro ideas flowing into each other in the tradition of Mad Lib or Jay Dilla, Jay Harmon builds Demonology out of the firmament of his own possessed mind.  Turning sounds to crystallized green honey that he can form into towers of dripping confusion, before he hits the stop button, knocks it over and starts again.  While the album does make reference to the aforementioned hip hop halos, there is a digital crunch present in Boy Fruit’s work that makes this sound his own.   A hard digital distortion covers many of his snares and high hats in spiky texture while still floating over a bed of organic samples, creating a sound unique to Boy Fruit alone.  Demonology is a minor classic in the making and a most welcome addition to the Debacle catalog.

First Dog to Visit the Center of the Earth – ‘Corecore’ CD $8
FDVCE is one Jack Rodriguez of San Diego.  He has been kicking around the bandcamp/blogs/mediafire scene for a minute, releasing 9 albums already. Corecore has become the fan favorite of those initial independent albums, and so we decided to reissue it on CD and digital.  Corecore is the perfect marriage of Black Dice’s squelchy electronics with Mouse on Mars upside-down pop.   Wild synth tones meet digital crunch.  A cartoonish world is revealed.   Dancing mailboxes and 8-bit fossils.  12-foot-long alligators chase you deep into the Earth.  For fans of: Black Dice, Mouse on Mars, µ-Ziq, Dan Deacon

Rainbow Lorikeet– ‘Fractures’ CD $8
A 5 song trip down the noisy end of the hip hop/ dub biosphere, Rainbow Lorikeet’s debut release “Fractures” comes to us from a small town in Northern Italy.  Fractures seems to ask “What if Techno Animal signed to Not Not Fun?” or “Where is the mid-point between Demdike Stare and Scorn?”  Nicolò Tescari seemly has united the scabrous whirr of the American noise underground with the larger international bass-music massive. Fans of Techno Animal, Dälek, Andy Stott and Demdike Stare take note.

BLSPHM – ‘Barter the Lashed’ CD $8
“Barter the Lashed has two main modes: 1) Torrents of rusty metal guitar angst and vocal bile in extremis, 2) Foreboding, early-Swans-like dirges that make you feel anxious and existential. The first offers explosive catharsis; the second plunges you into bracing despair. However, the 15-minute closer, “The Failure of Our Brothers,” drones in a keening register that recalls John Cale’s Sun Blindness Music and some of Birchville Cat Motel’s work. It achieves a rare balance between abrasion and meditation.

Bacteria Cult, Juhyo, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer CD $8
Three way split between three of the best noisers working today.   I personally can’t believe how great these three tracks are.  Bacteria Cult turn in a fuzzy scum trip.  Juhyo spins up a clanking whirring industrial synth zoner.  BSBC throw a BRUTAL high end driller to clean the pallet.  Plus, three amazing pieces of artwork from Demian Johnston in a 6 panel wallet.  Mastered by Scott Colburn

Vertonen At Jennie Richie – ‘Leaving the Ocean for Land’ CD $8
Blake Edwards teams up with the mysterious At Jennie Richie for a 45 minute piece of slowly moving musique concrete and sculpted half-memory.   The album is very much a narrative piece, but of what I do not know.  This vessel has run aground. For fans of irr.apt.(ext), Nurse With Wound, cold handshakes, Japanese tsunami ghost ships, and licorice. Mastered by Matt Waldron.


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