sicsic024 – Wolf Fluorescence – ‘There Is A Mirk Inside Her Which She Must Tint Brighter or Collapse…’
Music haunted with memories of times past. Dark soundscapes to muse on chances missed, roads taken wrong and hopes failed. You’re still young but aged by experience and ever since your surviving in the shadow of your échec. And even having read your Wittgenstein and knowing about that „the world of the happy is quite different from that of the unfortunate“ you still don’t know how to proceed without circling around your memories like a moth around a lightbulb. Well, relaxe – you’re not the only one.!

sicsic025 – Voder Deth Squad – ‘II’
Having left it’s orbit the Voder Deth Squad is still transmitting waves of warm and human sounds while drifting further into dark, cold and void spaces unknown… It’s the duo’s outstanding ability to deliver this feeling of being snugged in an inhospital enviroment, like Ellen Ripley’s cat in „Alien“. Voder Deth Squad make you purr, but be aware of the evil forces lurking!

sicsic026 – Grasshopper – ‘The Day America Forgot’
Improvised trumpet and electronics are Jesse DeRosa’s & Josh Millrod’s weapons of choice to maintain freedom in a world more and more domintated by restricted and ignorant politics of hate. Nightmarish music for bleak prospects. Music for the Youth Of Today. If not for reading the news what are your oversized hipster glasses good for? Listen. Unite. Act. It’s about time.

sicsic027 – Venn Rain – ‘Cymatic Cymbols’
Synth-driven and meditative excursions into a vast landscape and towards a receding horizon. There’s no rainbow to reach anymore – there’s just time going by while travelling endless spaces full of nothing. All you can do is just to move on and enjoy the ride while it lasts!

sicsic028 – Nathan McLaughlin – ‘Echolocation #6’
Being part of a series of so called „Echolocation Recordings“ this five pieces of minimal guitar drones sound as if Phill Niblock’s decided to cut his often hour long pieces short. Beautiful and rich textured ambient miniatures best experienced via headphones. To celebrate the series glorious ending the tape comes in an edition of 65 handcut and special manufactured covers. So, even if the music’s kinda slow you better be quick and grab one!

sicsic029 – Isle of Sodor – ‘Goshen’
Electronic meditations to put your mind at ease. Adam Miller’s music is the perfect sonic aquivalent to a sundrenched afternoon for swimming in an artifical lagoon. An idealised and synthetic, friendly and mild tempered enviroment designed to comfort you. And that’s a good thing, actually.


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