Teflon Beast

Irureta – ‘100% Pur Sport’
The full-length cassette is considered “regressive rock” by the band, Irureta – we at TBR just think its cool. These sonic jammers from Trith St-Lywood, France are sure to make you groove when listening to this “sports” themed collection. Irureta is a band that started in the early 00’s. They would simply play, record, get high, and drink delicious beer (not necessarily in that order). Then the recordings would be grossly edited in order to keep whatever was of interest to them during that session. Irureta shamelessly loots: indie-rock, synthesizer music, psych/post-rock, math-rock, afrobeat, sound collage, lo-fi music, and certainly more. That said all those years of playing together helped them mix all this music into a coherent ensemble sound producing this album of 100% pure jams. Edition of 25.


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