I Had An Accident

Andrew Felix – ‘Intermediate State (Enter)’ C21 $5
Andrew Felix remains one of our favorite producers. A fine tuned illustrator of beats and drone sounds always finds a warm place in our souls. Intermediate State (Enter) is the second half, or continuation of July, 2011’s Intermediate State. Following the conceptual 6 Bardo’s (Enter) mirrors the transcendental feelings of luminosity and rebirth. The ebb and flow of your breath as you fade away into yourself, eyes closed as your worries melt away. Limited to 50 “jelly red” cassettes on chrome tape. Free mp3 download with purchase.

Blvck Ceiling – ‘Shvdow’ C25 $5
Disrupting sounds of evil, and eruption of vile synth mixture of intrusive beats and blasts of thunder under a blackened sky. Shvdow’s acid rain pours out of the blvck ceiling as dead skin drips off bones in the cinematic treat by Blvck Ceiling. Master producers claims his art of sampling to create an atmospheric thriller drenched in synthesized sound collage. Limited to 50 green cassettes on chrome tape. Free mp3 download with purchase.

Big Epoch – ‘Double Reserve’ C56 $5
Big Epoch combines the earthly beats and electronic essence of live performance with the collaborative genius of the Gothic Cholo. Echoing effects and tripping beats with lyrical madness on what is being titled Double Reserve. Masterfully constructing a fusion of visual stimulation and artistic expression. Two long auditorial experiences, “Face It, Nobody Loves You And You’re Going To Die Alone” and “Scheele’s Green” on a light gray c56 chrome cassette. Limited to 30 copies. Free mp3 download with purchase.

Coyote Clean Up – ‘Double Doom’ C32 $5
Coyote Clean Up brings about Double Doom – the latest release of chilled beats and amazing dub bliss.  Take it all in because it won’t be long before these tapes disappear.  Limited to 70 lilac cassettes on ferrous tape.  Mp3 with purchase.


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