Out of Sound

Cursed Arrows – ‘Skin Behind the Shroud’
A pair of odd siblings disguised as a married couple. The duo met in 2003 at an all-ages punk show. Disgruntled writer and groupie Jack e locked eyes with post-punk guitarist Ry n (former member of indie rock outfit The Vermicious Knid) from across a sweaty room, and so began a partnership to end them all. Do or die. Start over. Too misguided. Two misunderstood. Together. For good.

Lava and Ash – ‘Present Past’
The Lava and Ash sound like/feel like a warm wash of your mother’s milk after a hot summer day of playing skeet ball and laughing at your grandpa tripping over that fuzzy lil dog that is always running around the block and no one knows who owns the fucking thing but nobody really cares cause it’s cute as the greasy boys in the wonderfully perverted, yes perversion can be wonderful kiddies (oh that’s a lil creepy) band, oh they are lookers so watch it daddies or you’ll be finding these boys with more than just their music in your wives and daughters wink wink nudge nudge.

I Smell Blood – ‘Your Epidermis is Showing’
Heavy; repetition. kick, snare, tom, bass and cabinet…. not eric, not zach. underage beard.

WHOOP-Szo – ‘WHOOP-ssette (live)’
 …will toss you into accidental chatter. It’s warm, hazy strumming inviting conversation. Yet, this is no shrinking violet. It makes radical declarations with pummeling rock; the feedback hand gestures and swirling synth washes robbing your attention. Look away and it’ll smite you with strange pop projectiles, swaying you back into its bewildering dialogue.

The Water St. Projects – ‘Bad Canada’
Mutually supportive + – = + – = non-competitive + – = + – = grouping of analogical and digital ideals… released in conjunction with Cassettestival (Guelph based Tape only initiative).  Music that eventually turned into WHOOP-Szo.


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