SF Broadcasts

Sand Circles – ‘Daylight Arrival’ C20 6€
Alex Strelka – ‘Live in Cologne’ C24 6€
Dear friends, two possibilities opened in this 2nd wave of settlement – mysterious quantum bioenenergetics and bioinformation which are two classifications from a single branch of science the Soviets preferred to call biocommunications – primarily concerned with exploring the existence of a definite group of natural phenomena controlled by laws that are not based on any energetic known influence started to manifest – so we are very proud to present two stimulations: “Daylight Arrival” from the swedish sympathizer Sand Circles – and a reissue of Alex Strelka’s “Live in Cologne” from 1994 – both are accompanied with the first visual frequency results grown from the Virtual Institute that we started to rebuild in this very moment. This will be the last transvibration for a longer time period.


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