Now… This

Ebola Disco/Screwtape split 7″
longstanding audio abusers ebola disco & screwtape utilise powerful slabs of thick, electronic surges along with shrilling frequencies to uncover the inner bowel motions of love & lust. I Feel Love, a live rendition of the donna summers track, see’s casey & ben furnish a wavering metallic tapestry with layers of barely discernible vocals as they crawl through the feedback. Sacrifice instead finds andrew gathering sampled declamations against pornography to claw at a dense furnace of deep, blown out drone squalls & juxtaposed with flirtatious female advances and sexual cries. similar in vein to the collectives ethic cleansing collaboration, ebola disco & screwtape challenge these delicate themes the only way they know how; with distaste and misanthropy!

Sleep Sessions/Areyfu/agit8 – ‘Restrict | Suppress | Censor’ CDr
as an exercise in shutter speed electronic debauchery, Restrict | Suppress | Censor brings together the stapled, cut-up styling’s of agit8, sleep sessions & areyfu. similarly, the trio’s sound palettes teem with a finesse crafted from sporadic glitch disruptions, rumbling, full-bodied bass distortion & a level of maturity harboured from countless hours of dedicated sound, hardware and object exploration. while the fragmented soundscapes serve as a common ground point, the sections still highlight distinctive qualities unique to each artists discipline & showcase a progression of shifting, splintering aural jaunts.


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