905 Tapes

905.164: M. GEDDES GENGRAS – ‘SYSTEMS 1’ 3XCS $14/$16/$20
whether releasing material under his own name or a bulk of aliases, duos, and trios, m. geddes gengras always manages to produce beyond galactic sounds. over the three cassettes (c40, c44, c62) that make up systems 1, ged gets behind modular synthesizers and tape echos in order to force sparkling tones into supernovas. all of this ear juice is packaged in a triple-tall norelco case. it’s easy on the eyes as well. don’t sleep on this one. for real. (edition of 100).

905.163: HOBO CUBES – ‘CIEL OPTIQUE’ 4XC20 $19/$21/$25
imagine floating in a void. a huge void, if voids are measurable, which i don’t think they are. in fact, they can’t be. that doesn’t make sense. but imagine your floating in that huge void. you don’t see anything. you don’t feel anything. you just exist. in a void. then, out of literally nowhere four pulsating doors also exist. and you’re drawn to them. through each door is two rooms. is room swells in its own unique way with different color hazes to them. that would be nuts, right? this hobo cubes release is also nuts. 4xc20s packaged in a vinyl box. so nuts. (edition of 50)


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