Apophallation – ‘Verzameling Van Audio Om Kennis Te Maken Of Omdat Je Het Op Cassette Wilt’ [Review]

An inexplicable compilation until one translates the title and realizes just how dependent Jeroen has been on CDrs to transport his Apophallation  project; ‘Verzameling Van Audio’ then becomes incredibly simple, as this sampler of supposedly-secondary sources is both an introduction to the Dutchman’s junior stately harsh noise and a treat for those who like a short-but-sweet blast that only a hachet-job mix only cassette can offer.  Six cuts of sharp, frantic Merzbowners and Marhugs, most sounding live if not incredibly stepped-on (and willfully abused in the final dub), stapled with the blunt sentiment of a half-drooled fuck you dusting his tracks like discursive ticker tape.  And it’s wrapped in a Xerox of a babe.  Done and done.  Now just try and buy the thing.

Psychotronica cassette

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