John Swana – ‘ABOHM’ CS
Virtuoso EVI player and home recorder, John Swana releases his first full length tape for Galtta Media. After a long and prolific career as a jazz trumpeter, John gives us 70 minutes of weird and random electronic music spread out over 35 tracks (all recorded in Philadelphia). Some tracks are bizarre little soundscapes. Some are deceptively simple songs with odd meter forms, a creepy childhood vibe, and harmony you have probably heard before. And, some tracks have the best and fastest EVI playing in the west. Guest appearances by his daughter, Rosalie Swana, Massimo De Angelis, and David Lackner. Swana is an amazing musician/ composer, with an odd sense of humor, and this is what he does at home when no one is listening. Mastered by Galtta Media. Cover art by James Ulmer. SAMPLE


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