Orange Milk

Ashley Paul – ‘Slow Boat’ LP
Slow Boat pulls out every last sound in the organic world and puts it into a context of sheer beauty and conceptual interest simultaneously. It is masterfully original and well thought out with superb musicianship and puts hope into the polarized world of conceptual vs. analytic. This is a limited vinyl pressing of 300. Featuring Eli Keszler on percussion. SAMPLE

La Big Vic – ‘Actually’ CS
La Big Vic is a phenomenal band from Brooklyn. I know its backwards, but we are releasing a cassette of their full length, Actually, which is already out on LP from Underwater Peoples. The album is a beautiful collection of styles, bundled under a young pop energy with a nod to 70s German rock.  SAMPLE

Cream Juice – ‘Cream Juice’ CS
Seth Graham (Henry Dawson) & Keith Rankin (Giant Claw) bringing some improv synth randomness. This is a sprawling hour-long debut. Weed Temple describes it as a “whimsical take on electronic music” where “the quasi-prog melodies and analogue baroque stylings are dropped in favor of of a “more” dripping, shimmering version of psychedelia that sounds like a less hermetic, non-academic version of Caboladies. SAMPLE


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