Sloow Tapes

Peter Lamborn Wilson – ‘Ec(o)logues’ C60
During the seventies writer/poet/essayist Peter Lamborn Wilson traveled extensively in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal. He spent several years in Iran where he translated Persian Sufi poetry and worked for the Shiraz Festival of Arts. In the early eighties Wilson went to Southeast Asia studying Javanese mysticism, Kebatinan. He published numerous books on topics as pirate utopia’s, Irish soma and Islamic heresy and his philosophy is influenced by anarchism, situationism, heterodox Sufism and neo-paganism. Wilson’s ‘Ec(o)logues’ is a collection of bucolic poetry proposing an anarcho-surrealist Temporary Pastoral Zone abolishing monetary, electrical and other mediations in favor of a direct experiencing of Paracelsan tantra practices with sylphs and faeries. Visions of vibrant Neolithic pastures in company of Charles Fourier, William Blake, Edmund Spencer, Swedenborg, Erasmus Darwin and others. Poetic swamps dense with arcane references, alchemy and celtic lore. These readings were recorded at various in- and outdoor locations around the Hudson Valley. Handpainted covers, each one different. 100 copies.

Hands of Hydra and Janina Angel Bath Duo – ‘Stargazer’ C30
Janina Angel Bath’s voice feels like celestial nectar dripping from astral spheres ready to awaken the inner kundalini serpent from its slumber. With Hands of Hydra on sitar this is a deep eastern psychedelic meditation with slow motion tambura strings unfolding universal consciousness. 100 copies.

The Lone Garage Massacre – ‘Nag-Khung-Sa-Cha’ C54
Healing music to change your head space by way of trance induced astral traveling and devic beings. Ethereal psychedelic folk music channeling spirits from the dark land and influenced by Native American rituals, shamanism and Americana. 80 copies.


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