Avant Archive

Billy Gomberg – ‘Waiting in Poor Lighting’ C36 $5
Billy Gomberg presents a magnetically warped version of warmth with this recent collection of four pieces. Over two sides, we get exposed to this kind of creeping mixture of hiss and drone that collaborate to create feelings of fondness and anxiety. Probing it reveals almost nothing, but experiencing it yields something wonderful. This music will creep up on you. You will find yourself loving it and wishing you could listen to it all the time. It is discordant and noisy at times, but the warmth makes it feel like a friend. Billy Gomberg is your new best friend.

The Goodwillies – ‘Face in the Stain’ C40 $5
The word on this master is that the music was recorded around 10 years ago. Before launching Avant Archive, I’d asked Tim if he’d be into releasing some music with me. It took some time (understandable, family man that he is), but I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Tim recently with this recently re-mastered work. Face in the Stain is another solid testament to Tim’s ability to capture attention and keep a strangle-hold on it. Totally different from some of his previous solo excursions, these two pieces exhibit a kind of panorama of sounds, each blending into the next, in sequence. The charm lies in the fact that while standing close to this exhibition, I almost feel like nothing is moving at all. But in stepping back, I can see all of the pieces that contribute to the whole, and from this perspective too, it is beautiful. Another fantastic contribution to The Goodwillies discography, and it’s welcomed with open arms at Avant Archive.

Hakobune – ‘Evergreen/Faraway’ C55 $5
From the intensely-prolific hand of Takahiro Yorifuji comes this pair of long ambient pieces. It’s difficult to envision the signal path of these infinitely soft-edged pieces leading back to an electric guitar, but perhaps that is what makes this fellow and his music so charming. Evergreen/Faraway presents two nearly-static glimpses into Haokbune’s life, with just enough movement to keep my attention. This is a sonic representation of sifting, constantly revisiting pieces of memory and sensation. But since one cannot step into the same river twice, every step is a new experience.


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