Nothing Out There

Les Holchteins – ‘Le Diktat’
Ever wondered, where are the Pink Floyds, the Léo Ferré of our cursed times? where are the musicians that could be all the while poets, experimenters, and still fill up stadiums of people? Well, maybe they’re out there, but don’t bother with crowds anymore. Maybe they are tending to our wounded in the sick houses; or filling our tanks with gasoline, or building our brick houses… who cares. Because they still remain apocalyptic poets at heart, and I’m proud to present to you today their pamphlet, Le Diktat. The perfect soundtrack for our happy last year of the world. Les Holchteins’ record is sixty minutes of unique poetry and wild sound collages, unlike much of what you’ve heard before. Uncannily funny and all the while, in your face. You got to listen to this. SAMPLE


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