I and I

Softoft Techech C15 $7
Is Softoft Techech a music and digi-psychedelic iphone app company or the fuzzed out multi layered post house debut of the talented Mr. Paul Slocum?  Answer: both. Best known for his renowned Tree Wave project, which made Shoegazey fuzzed out stuff with Ataris, Commodore 64s and a dot matrix printer (using self made software), this is his first solo release and it shares monikers with his app company.  Mostly ditching his 8bit gear (the Commodore synth does pop up) this time Mr. Slocum has returned to some of his 90’s House experiments but now utilizing his own software: Looper, he updates things and sends them up ahead to the next level.   Like weird dance music you might hear in a dicso on another planet in a sci fi film or at a futuristic tribal jungle ritual.


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