Truco Espárrago

TR-012: Men Chak/Fasenuova – ‘Concierto Avanzado’ CDr 3€
On November 10, 2011 it was presented Fasenuova’ album “Ella Está Llena de Gracia” at the Antigua Estación in Oviedo (Asturias, Spain). The bill also included the “insect guitarist” Pedro Menchaca, a.k.a. Men Chak, in a kind of atypical proposal: Fasenuova with a noisier set than usual, and Men Chak, a prog rock guitarist, eager to experiment in from of the audience. The concert was one of the most memorable moments for Truco Esparrago in 2011, so we decided to release it under the title “Concierto Avanzado” with a very accessible price. Pedro Menchaca has played guitar for bands as Killing Zoe (post rock) or Cuac! (delicious onomatopoeic pop music), and at the present he plays in Senogul (a brilliant prog fusion rock band) and Colmena (cosmic folk). The “Concierto Avanzado” album features the complete set of Men Chak: four long themes in which Pedro is abducted by his own music, in an always surprising and convulsed trip toward sonorous abstraction, far away out from any possible classification. Using electric guitar, e-bow, casio PT-20, melodica, percussion and a loop pedal , Pedro adds layers of loops to create music that mutates in each compass.  Fasenuova promised a special concert for the presentation of “Ella Está Llena de Gracia”. “Concierto Avanzado” collects the abrasive and out of control climax of their set, with Fasenuova making their delighted audience dance with a sonorous noise abuse of shrieks, surrealistic lyrics, loud feedback and saturated sounds. In only three songs, Fasenuova offered an intense crescendo that exploded in the violent zenith of “Ella Está Bien”, before the ceremonial ending with the solemn “Ella Está Llena de Gracia”, in a brutal and impressive performance.  “Concierto Avanzado” is a 39 copies limited CDr edition with 7 tracks (61 minutes of music and sound) with cover artwork by Pablo E. Prendes (of the Nueva Escocia fanzine). You can get the album for 3 euro plus postage and handling writing to


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