Moon Mist

Andrew Coltrane – ‘ Nuclear Survivor 4xcassette’ $15
A 4X napalm strike of raw, devastating noise. AC is known for carrying the flag for true basement cassette noise for longer than most of us even know, and this set is a testament to that dedication to home-made aural ruin. Throughout its over 2 and 1/2 hours of material, AC seeming uses every weapon in the stockpile. From insane harsh electronic fury, to ripped apart sax, to bloody metal misconduct, to discomposed minefields of tape sodomy. A must for fans of acrid audio punishment.  Recorded over the years in his Redford underground bunker, also known as HERMITAGE HQ. Limited to 30 numbered copies. Hand-made box, covered in multiple pieces of xerox artwork. Comes with 11×17 xerox poster. MIST-15.


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