A Soundesign Recording

ASR082 Shadows – ‘A Death in the Family’ C40 $6(US)$7(Can + Mex)/$8(World)
Edition of 100, 2011. The third installment in Shadows’ Dark Knight themed cassette series is a robust collection of noise electronics, rumbling loops and vocal oddities recorded over the course of 2011. “A Death in the Family” showcases Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and David Russell’s (Collapsed Arc) finely tuned ability to create bleak yet colorful sounds. This forty minute killer contains aggressive contributions from Roman J (Plague Mother) and harmonic vocal layers from Amanda Howland (Dead Peasant Insurance) all masterfully mixed by Russell on to pro-dubbed cassettes. Cover art by Mike Mignola. Co-released with Atavistic Transformations.

ASR077 Ryan Jewell v. Bbob Drake & David Russell split C50 $6(US)$7(Can + Mex)/$8(World)
Edition of 120, 2011. Versus Series II cassette seven: Side A is a live recording of Columbus, Ohio based electro-acoustic percussionist Ryan Jewell on his home turf at Skylab. Ryan’s live sets are meaningfully patient displays of ingenious object play amplified via snare drum et al. This live document is a window into one of my personal favorite sound artists showcasing his decisive nature. Side B finds Bbob Drake (fluxmonkey) and David Russell (Collapsed Arc) exploring the finer details of their handmade rigs at Negative Space recording studio with John Delzoppo manning the board. “Scatterer” presents Drake and Russell’s collaborative ability to create deeply engaging textural soundscapes.


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