Field Hymns

EYES – ‘Candle in the Crown of the Dawn’ cassette $6
An astute observer will recognize within the first seconds of the crackling drums that open A Candle in the Crown of the Dawn that this record is supercharged, blown out and stripped down. With the intensity of Black Mountain soaring over a splashing, hypnotic rhythm section, San Francisco’s EYES bypass to the center, to a place beyond knowledge, beyond rock, where human batteries are charged by a Dionysus crystal, where the shimmering organs read your mind, and the sun and shadow voices dwell.  SAMPLE

Zac Nelson – ‘Towards Your Own Worlds’ cassette $6
It’s maybe a bad idea to start a description of a piece of music by admitting you don’t know how to describe it. But we’ll be honest with you: this album synthesizes so much of our taste that it’s like trying to describe the taste of water to a fish. Part crooning electro-pop, part drone, half found-sound and all original, “Towards Your Own Worlds” from this frequent Zach Hill collaborator is a remarkable achievement in the abstract and concrete. SAMPLE


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