Hospital Productions

CHRISTIAN COSMOS – ‘enthronement by god as the first-born of the dead’ – 4xcassette
soundtrack for judgment of souls. edition of 48.

RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT – ‘green amulet crafts supernatural qualities’ cassette
environmentalism is the new religion. minimalist rhythmic noise ambient. edition of 63.

INFRASTRUCTURE ZERO – ‘socom’ double-cassette
industrial out of the mists of early morning balkans. cold scaffolding turning orange with rust. freon leaks out from refrigeration units onto cracked cement floors of the slaughterhouse. edition of 63.

SIERRA LEONE ANGER – ‘executive outcomes’ double-cassette
UN funded world slavery? peace with honor? reconciliation for death squads? edition of 63.

DECEMBER MAGIC – ‘could the web be re-spun’ cassette
electronic noise from dominick fernow dealing with the ‘spider web’ controversy in the JonBenét Ramsey investigation. edition of 63.


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