Cerebro Morto

Pregnant Spore – ‘Listen To The Universe’ CDr/special edition cassette €5/€15
Pregnant Spore, the one-man project of Justin Marc Lloyd, presents organic soundscapes, characterized by heterogeneous noises glued together, along with deviating frequency sounds. Mind-melting sound with a strong psychedelic leaning, achieved through real objects sound processing, and DIY effect pedals.  Justin also runs Rainbow Bridge independent music label, and is active in the fields of photography, image manipulation, and circuit bending.  Listen To The Universe was recorded in early 2011.  Special edition (CM009L):
Hand-painted cassette housed in hand-painted card box.  Limited to 18 copies (15 hand-numbered, 3 slashed)!  Regular edition (CM009)CDr packed in mini CD case. Cover artwork presents an image of real human brain cells.


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