Slow Fidelity

P.J.B. (aka Psychedelic Jam Band) – ‘Da Book Vv Magick’ CDr $8
Over twenty minutes of trip hop and psychedelic electronica in this new EP from Silver Spring, Maryland P.J.B. (aka Psychedelic Jam Band). Da Book Vv Magick includes the lengthy pieces Why Are We Still Here? and Homeless Musicians, recorded one week before core member Andrew Wondu (The Age Of Heroes) left to visit his homeland of recently-liberated South Sudan – where he is currently based – bringing the P.J.B. project to hiatus. This disc also includes the song Flashes featuring artist Nina Ramadan on vocals and Michigan-based bassoonist Vince Karamanov.

Paul Joyner – ‘bmw motorcylce’ 3″CDr $7
Two extended works for piano and voice; bmw motorcycle and Theme from Drowned Underground. Recorded live during the fall that just passed, having played these songs in one form or another at solo acoustic shows over the past several years.


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