Sonic Meditations

SM031 LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE – ‘Arc of Ascent’ CS
Excited to issue the first cassette for Craig Williamson’s Lamp of the Universe project. William’s has been producing albums under Lamp of the Universe since 2001. “Arc of Ascent” is the sixth release from 2007. Eastern influenced long-form drones via New Zealand. “Two tracks of Acid drone improvisations to take you higher! Bowed eastern instruments take part in a hallucinatory free noise time travel of epic proportions….. clattering buzzing swirling onward and upwards to the centre of the universe. Free jazz drumming, cosmic synths, ritual chanting, guitar feedback.

SM035 J.D. EMMANUEL – ‘Peaceful Kingdom Concert 1982’
J.D. Emmanuel should need no introduction, the composer has had his classic album from 1982, “Wizards”, re-released a few years ago received with much praise and buzz around it. Having been resurrected out of private press obscurity, J.D. Emmanuel’s music stands the test of time, especially in the current state of underground New Age-inspired electronic music. I’m excited to bring forth a unreleased live recording from 1982. J. D. Emmanuel was the first show for “Music and Ideas: A Celebration and Harvest” – A Benefit Concert for “Peaceable Kingdom” presented at the Washington On the Brazos State Park, Texas, October 1, 1982. This live document is a close live representation to the material on “Wizards”, which was released the same year as the performance.

SM037 INSPIRED SCHOOL OF ASTRAL MUSIC – ’10:10 Opening the Digital Door’ LP
Split release with Psychic Sounds and originally self-released on CDr and cassette. Birthed as Bill Doob, Inspired School of Astral Music is Sam Jones of Million Brazilians, who also played drums in a few Kansas City bands before departing for Portland a few years ago. The synth-driven solo project of Jones’ captures minimal synth explorations in the tradition of Brian Eno’s “Ambient” series, early New Age explorer’s and moments of Terry Riley’s tape loop melodies. More of a conceptual project that also features essays with each release and concentrating on deep meditation and out-of-body experiences, ISOAM will surely bring the calm, float your brain and drift your body.

SM038 FJORDS – ‘April Fjords’ CS
Fjords are a new guitar and keyboard duo from Boston, MA. Their debut reelease is comprised of improvised recordings that fuse melodic guitar with moody synthesized passages, creating a lush lanscape that flows gently while building sonically. A bit like Troum jamming with Barn Owl in a forest cave watching the sunset. Much patience was excercised in the music and it really shows.


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