FUNK POLICE – ‘Hot We Are Funk We Play’ LP
The French, again! Looks like there’s no way not to deal with these guys for us at Avant!… After the Waiting For The Cheerleaders To Get Drunk 7” by The Feeling Of Love and that little gem that has been the Scorpion Violent LP, we are really glad to release one more piece of insanity outta Metz/Strasbourg. Funk Police is Guillaume from AH Kraken/ The Feeling Of Love, Nafi from Scorpion Violent/The Dreams/The Anals, and their old mate Thierry and they bring the typical no-wave blind fury of La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale De l’Est all over some smoky dark funk grooves. Like nowadays Slits, Pop Group or Public Image Ltd., Funk Police steal black rhythms from an hypothetical rainforest and hurl them into their concrete jungle, while James Brown and James Chance stand there nodding. Throbbing bass, sharp upbeat guitars and schizoid vocals over the haunting tribal drums. Ten damp tracks on 33rpm black vinyl with stunning artwork by the band!


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