No Kings

NK25: Scissoring – ‘We Hate Everything’ C30 $6(US)/$7(Can)/$8(World)
Two crazy dudes, Dan “Cough Cool” Sviseny and William Cody “Pink Priest” Watson, have given up their corporeal bodies and made some kind of Voltron Mutant union that is Scissoring. Each half-mutant man taking a side of this tape, they have gathered the sound dust of civilizations and run them through the shredder a thousand times to make a paste, and they are smearing it all over our faces and stomachs. Cough Cool’s side is four tracks entitled 1. I, 2. AM, 3. WILLIAM, 4. BASINSKI. Cody’s is called Who Gives a Fuck. Truly they hate everything. This is Scissoring’s first effort, they have since gone on to complete two more albums, NUCLEAR WET EARTH, and NO DREAM / NO REGRETS. Pro-dubbed imprinted tapes with photocopied artwork designed by WCW, as well as a letterpressed mini-print of his drawing of what seems to be a gremlin flipping you off. Edition of 60.

NK24: Coupler – ‘American in the Coming Age of Electronics’ C32 $6(US)/$7(Can)/$8(World)
This member of Nashville legendary bands Lambchop and Hands Off Cuba presents his first solo effort as Coupler with America in the Coming Age of Electronics, featuring guests like our friends Hobbledeions, Sugar Sk*_*lls, and Corney Tidwell, all excellent studio musicians and artists in their own right. Playing a huge variety of unique equipment (how many tapes do you have that feature melotron?) Ryan Norris sketches out delicate compositions and spacious electronic riffs that are in places reminiscent of Jonny Greenwood’s film score work, and seem to tell a retro-futurist origin story of America. Pro-dubbed imprinted tapes with two-layer artwork: gocco screenprint pattern by Lee Noble, and glass painting acetate overlay by Geoffrey Sexton, with double-sided risograph liner notes on newsprint. Edition of 70.

NK23: Ala Vjiior/Twin Polygamistssplit C20 $6(US)/$7(Can)/$8(World)
Frank Oullette of Hobo Cubes / Cult sends us minimalist love with a new side project Ala Vjiior on side A of this split, and leader of Copenhagen boutique BSBTA, Christian Kann, turns up the cold heat for side B as Twin Polygamists. Double minimalist electronic action! Microsound clouds drifting into deep space. Best listened to in a Cathedral. Two-layer artwork: letterpressed lino-cut designed by Amy Fortunato, with glass painting acetate overlay by Geoffrey Sexton. Pro-dubbed blue imprinted tapes, edition of 70.


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