Musica Moderna

MM002 FRANCISCO MEIRINO – ‘Known Testimonies On The Unknown’ C30 6€
C30 edition of 100. Known testimonies on the unknown” is based on how you can relate, adapt and use sounds or languages of unknown places , in this case, unknown found sounds, known but forgotten sounds and field recordings of people talking a language I do not understand.

MM003 CARLOS CASAS – ‘Aral Field Recordings’ C60/C60+C90 6€/10€
Aral field recordings is part of an ongoing research on radio frequencies in remote areas, this radio frequencies were captured in Moynak,  a city once the biggest port in the Aral sea, today a desert, a ghost town inhabited by the remain opulation mostly old people that try to survive one of man made worst disasters.  cassette 1 is a selection of this radio frequencies recorded and edited by carlos casas, the sounds were captured from a small radio receiver from FM-AM-SW_VLF. cassette 2 is a transfer from a tape that circulated around that village, and that contains Russian pop music, this cassette was probably copied by the whole village and was a sort of connection with the real world, a way to be part of the present. The sounds and the quality of the tape relate to the amount of copies done recorded and recorded again. cassettes were used till the actual tape would be worn out and then reused to record another tape. Tapes were introduced by workers returning from Russia or Kazakhstan. C60 edition of 100/C60+C90 edition of 30.


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