Nothing People keep getting stronger and their 4th LP, Smells like Metal is proof of that. This record beautifully pulls together the sound of their first three records, dark synth, psych and proto punk, but containing elements of an eastern vibe, sounding like what Nam June Paik would run through a mix of broken CRT equipment and fried transformers. The album breaks occasionally from wonderful pop boppers to dystopic ambience, that are similar to high speed joy rides as you roll up to a 3 car pile-up at 80 miles an hour. It feels like Nothing People are on that ride. Understanding that our civilization is in decline, headed east into the hills wanting to escape it all, all the buzz and Hollywood madness. Their longest record yet, housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve and containing inserts and downloads. . Mastered by Cooper Crain. First 20 orders come with Plasma Cut Sheet Metal Cover. CD Version also available. Contains bonus songs.


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