rur105   TRAVEL EXPOP ‘SERIES #1 : France’ LP
edition of 300 on white vinyl  –  Co-released with Hands in the Dark label. First volume in a series of split dedicated to the Future of Pop Music. Featuring the best of the french underground pop artists : Holy Strays (Not Not Fun), Cankun (Not Not Fun, Synth series), Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier (Stunned, Aguirre) and the joint effort between stellar psych droner High Wolf (Not Not Fun) and the psych-diva Chicaloyoh in Voodoo Mount Sister.

rur104   BROKEN MASK – ‘There is another mind in the green’ CDr
edition of 60. Broken Mask is the duo of Robert Horton and Michael Shannon, from the Bay Area. This compilation of archival recordings from 1982 to 2009, follows the legendary archives series released few years back on Digitalis, Sloow Tapes, 23Productions and Jyrk. Using a wide variety of homemade instruments, the disc covers a lot of territory for a vast result.

rur103   INEZ LIGHTFOOT – ‘Gatherer’ CDr
edition of 70. Inez Lightfoot is homemade music from the mountaintop barrows and the deciduous forests and many spaces in-between. She uses nature-derived inspiration to conjure analog soundscapes ranging from fierce and uncanny to gentle and ritual. Previous release on Stunned records. Paintings by Brian Lucas.

rur101   PLESMAH – ‘Animal Factory Blizzard 2 and 4’ CDr
edition of 60. “Post-urban krautrock from Germany. Cosmic music exploring light and darkness, space and time.
Enter the new Tempel…”


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