Synth Series

synth019   CANKUN – ‘Miami Vice’ CDr
edition of 84 – exclusive french tour cdr. After his first release on the mighty Not Not Fun label, here’s the new offering of  the french electronic wizard Vincent Caylet (“V”, The Pistil Cosmos, Archers by the Sea…). Deep organic vibes based on Miami Vice episodes. Colorful neons, bright city lights and vivid tropical rhythms for underwater grooves. The French Florida Touch

synth021   UBUNANNA – ‘Arabian Holography’ CDr
edition of 70.  Fragmented melodies, spacesynth soundscapes created in a warbled minimalism. Abstract electronic. Music by Ichihana Takahashi from Tokyo, Japan.

synth022   ZONOTOPE™ – ‘Human Unity’ CDr
edition of 70. Recycled ’80s computer musical animations to serve as the data structure for kaleidoscopic pop soundtracks. Imagine your past. “Certain sounds manage to make reality seem as if viewed through sleepy-goggles” Altered Zones. Previous releases on Hobo Cult, Maba Tapes…

synth023   STEFAN BLOMEIER – ‘The Danish Straits’ CDr
edition of 70 – Artwork by FANTASTIC LANDS. Vintage kraut synthesizers, admirable minimal waves for an obsessive venture in a reflected world. Legosynth music. “There is little know about the artistic persona of Stefan Blomeier. His recent music release Popular Electronics II / Radio Astronomy Research Laboratory Of Electronic Progress has given his persona somewhat of a minor cult status and only increased the flow of rumours around the artist behind it.” netaudiolondon.

synth024   NEW FUTURE WANDERER – ‘Teal View’ CDr
edition of 70 – Artwork by FANTASTIC LANDS. After the Plaza for Media Conference 92, NFW  hacks up fragments of his blue-green synthetic world.


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