Laser Palace

Stoned Boys – ‘Burning Cities Forever’ $6
They are an amazing experimental electronic band from Russia. This release explores a lot of different electronic genres of varying from Noise to Rave and all the history between. It is very much in line with a lot of the new chaotic/psychedelic electronic sound happening in the U.S, but delves further to create a sound all their own. It is a limited edition of 50.

Jedediah Logsdon – ‘(The) Ancillary (E.P)’ $6
from Chicago. We featured some of his work on a split with Candescent in 2010. His latest release is presented in three segments that deal with sound manipulation and emotion. His process features use of field recordings, modular synth, and granular processing to create a moody atmosphere that very much represents his creative mind. The new E.P comes out on November 7th in a limited cassette format of 30.


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