Terence Hannum – ‘The Unholy Bow’ book
Slowly the crowd gathers, heads hung as the musicians pick up their instruments. Upon the first note of feedback the heads start moving. Both performer and witness begin a ritualized dance in a flurry of hair, a profane genuflection. An unholy bow. THE UNHOLY BOW is the final publication in artist TERENCE HANNUM’s (one third of Locrian) bi-monthly publication series for 2011 following his issues PURIFICATION, DARK MATTER/DUNKLE MATERIE (w/ Alexander Binder), DEATH POSTURE (w/ Scott Treleaven), ABLATION and NEGATIVE LITANIES. This issue focuses on the group ritual of the headbang ubiquitous in heavy metal culture, by cropping drawings and digital photo collages into a printed cadence and features a brief musing cadence from the artist. Printed in an Edition of 150. 4.25″ × 6.88″. Perfect Bound Pocket Sized Book. White interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink. 50 pages.


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