Truco Espárrago

TR-010: Fasenuova – ‘Ella Está Llena de Gracia’ CDr 5€
We began breaking amps and revving up drum machines at full speed, making them go through all kind of distortions and effects. Microphones went on scratching, in a deafening scream of feedback, and we resisted the temptation, that is almost physical and completely instinctive, of turning down the volume immediately, leaving them to modulate alone, creating a landscape as solid as the real one (…) That shrilling feedback sound, the one that everyone avoids when a sound test is done, was and still is, our starting point”. With these words Ernesto Avelino described the origin of its creative association with Roberto Lobo in the Fasenuova band. “Ella está llena de Gracia” is the first album that the duet Fasenuova releases with Truco Espárrago, and the first part of a trilogy that is going to deal firstly with noise, then with music and finally with rhythm. This first release is a mysterious and indefinite album, like all origins: the Universe, the Moon, Magic, Woman. Just like these mysteries, Noise has been shown elusive to theoretical approaches, and susceptible of being understood through magic. Amps pushed to the limit, saturated squeaks and spectral howls, lost in echoes. This is, for Fasenuova, the enigmatic origin of their art, the chaos from where Order emerges. Where does music come from? Is noise its opposite, or its origin? Are perhaps noise and music the same thing? Because if it is true that music inhabited an upper universal level of harmony raised from the chaos of noise, it would be reasonable to think that music have inherited, by transfusion, the powers and principles of life of the noise. Just like it happens with the universe, the perceptible appearance of music hides the true nature of the powers that control it. However, this album shows that noise, while engendering music, never lost its superior principles. This is an album about the powers of the noise, about dreams, visions, symbols, allegories and confusing prophecies, about fears and terrors, a brilliant search of the intimate realities of the existence and the music, dealing with the eternal cycle of creation and destruction. “Ella está llena de Gracia” compiles material from several Fasenuova sessions in October 2009 at Casa Conservatorio de la Música de Mieres (Asturias), plus an unreleased version of the track “Ella está llena de Gracia” recorded during the sessions of the “A la quinta hoguera” LP, produced by Enrique Guisasola-Kahn. “Ella está llena de Gracia” comes in a professional CDr with 9 tracks and 45 minutes of music, presented in a cardboard, in a limited edition of 50 copies.


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