Old Frontiers

OF-03 Basked Unit – ‘L.M.N.O.P.’ C50 $7.25(US)
Para-mounting strings diggioles into strange new ground, opening portals into unforseen realms. A juggernaut of biblical proportions. Sounds of burnt popcorn combine with widescreen liquid crystal displays to form a truly musical experience. Better bring your 3D glasses. Featuring Mike Pouw, Scott Johnson, Sean Gadoury & Josh St. Denis.

OF-04 Misner Space – ‘Radika Quansoon’ C30 $7.25(US)
A special group of 6 players hammering yellow tears straight ta fuckin’ heaven. Unidystopian audio de-forestation. A thick veil of smoke binding all sounds like toxic glue. Glimmers of hope still manage to seep through the fog.

OF-05 Dr. Sean Gadoury – ‘Sky Burial’ C60 $7.25(US)
Dr. Sean Gadoury brings us silver milk tonic flowing from the ether. 8 tidy compositions culled from different recording sources but the same inspirational realm. Sky Burial is like living in the land of lighters but trying to ignite your cigarette with chapstick.


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