Bestial Mouths – ‘Hissing Veil’ LP $16
Hissing Veil, Bestial Mouth’s debut, is 40 minutes of intense gloom. A meditation on the relationship between transgressor and victim conceived in a flurry of automatic writing, Hissing Veil is an urgent declaration revealed in a barrage of primitive rhythms and feral calls. Uncompromising, beautiful synth and beat driven compositions haunted by deep and brooding female vocals. Los Angeles’s finest. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies on clear vinyl.

Lord Foul – ‘Killing Raping Burning/The Devil’s Advocate’ LP $16
This is an absolute time capsule of blasphemous American Black Metal, a collection of the only material (two demo cassettes) ever recorded by Louisville, Kentucky’s Lord Foul between 1993 and 1994, who’s only member “Roach” played and recorded every instrument. A hateful document from the early metal underground! This vinyl is a single-sided etched art edition, with beautiful artwork by Bryan Burk of Dark Horse Tattoo carved into the B-side. The record is limited to 100 on red, 400 on black, and comes in a thick cardstock matte finish sleeve with new foil embossed artwork.  Edition of 500. single sided, etched vinyl.


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