Secret Colors – ‘Confusion Control’ $8
After a string of releases and reissues on such labels as Digitalis, Aguirre, and Group Tightener, Matt Lawson brings us his brand new full length.  Confusion Control is full of surprises and small additions to the Secret Color sound.  More casio and piano than ever before.  Haunting 80s post punk melodies bumping up against his beach haze guitar.  Lime Green brings us his catchiest melody yet, while the closer Time Lapse Garden is a meditative lullaby. A beautiful and mature work from one of Seattles rising forces.

Brain Fruit – ‘1.1’ $8
Brain Fruit is electronic duo Christopher Owen Davis and Jonathan James Carr hijacking the human transport and driving it into sustained temporal anomaly. A motorik synthesizer drum palette that smoothes your body into the choral liquid peripheral. Album comes in a six panel wallet with insert.  The first edition also contains a Brain Fruit sticker.

SORRY – ‘But How?’ $8
SORRY is one David Bourgin.  SORRY is an attempt to create something that is unconsciously self-conscious, playfully serious, and unrepentantly apologetic; a celebration and resolution of false conflict.  SORRY creates something organic out of inorganic elements (alchemy) in the hopes of, during some fleeting moment (the decisive moment), capturing something that is greater than the sum of its parts. This is a burbling, buzzing, blissed (and blessed) out transcendental pop record in the same vein as work by pioneers EMERALDS, FORMA, KWJAZ, and LUCKY DRAGONS.

Megabats – ‘Solaria’ $8
The third major Megabats release in as many years, Solaria finds our heroes mixing the heads down droney blissbeat of the previous release with some new tricks.  Solar Eulogy and Enchantment zone out into oblivion, driving forward, looking skyward.  Virtual Reality Enthusiasts mixes micro-loops with reverb to create something akin to a brain-dead/chiptune Steve Reich.  While Bog Surfin rides a wave of filth through Technicolor dub.    Solaria is a sun prayer from under the shade of an ice cream truck.  Sticky hands on Gameboys.   Deal with it.

Mind Alien $8
Super tube wormholes through the fabric of face-time.  M theory is Mind Alien Theory.  Encino Flute shredders.  Power to the greys, for they are suave fuckers.  Members of Chrome Wings and The Dead White.

HIVE – ‘HIVE’ $8
Debut release from this new duo of Jeremy Long (Tecumseh, Brown) and Chris Philips (Squim), as one would expect from a meeting of these two minds, Hive trade in deep detailed drones and crisp textures. HIVE bring a new approach to a well worn genre, taking full advantage of each others strengths to become something more than the sum of their parts.  For Fans of KTL, Concern, A Story of Rats

Thunder Grey Pilgrim $8
is a 45 minute single track opus culminating two years of work by Mitchell Bell.  Starting with layered vocal drones, moving through ghostly guitar work and full-on one man black metal, finally culminating in an acoustic group chant to the gods and a crescendo of crushing fuzz; this is album is the heart and soul of a modern druid being poured out in front of you.  Take heed.

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & The Rita – ‘Drowning Witches’ $8
Colossal teaming of these titans of bleak noise! Drowning Witches is a follow up to their previous collaboration on Hipster Death. In an interesting twist, the sounds within arent exactly what you would expect. A very restrained and long piece, Drowning Witches fittingly sounds like lying down in shallow mud puddles while brief pockets of rain and hail form and dissipate over you. A must have for fans of either of these masters.


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