Period Tapes

MV Carbon – ‘The Shaft’ C40 $7(US)/$9(WORLD)
Down the rabbit hole or rather shaft… Like Alice’s adventure through tape loops, manipulated frequencies, drone, circuit bend instruments, lasers, groove, electronic machinery, this is a well composed, fascinating tale of an experimental trip… DRINK ME!! Edition of 92.

A. Saunders – ‘Clear’ C30 $7(US)/$9(WORLD)
From the electronic arsenal of Anthony Saunders (Exercise in Disgust, Explosive Improvised Device) comes this long awaited release. Far reaching extreme noise…Pakistani Tea House boils over straight through classic states of matter to the transparent solidity of Clear. Edition of 46.

Gore Orphanage – ‘Point Omega’ C30 $7(US)/$9(WORLD)
Brooklyn based musician Kris D’Agostino of Titan launches us through atmospheric electronic textures to far-out reaches.  Exploring out-of-this-world melodies floating through a nebula of star-stuff.  For fans of Mark McGuire/ Emeralds/ Oneohtrix Point Never.  Edition of 46.


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