A Full Cosmic Sound (AFCS) is a constantly rotating improvisational ensemble from Santiago, Chile.The inspiration to form AFCS was born during the equatorial summer of 2007 in Carlos Barbosa, Brazil after Alvaro Daguer (a frequent collaborator of Chilean psych-jammers La Banda’s), Felipe Mantovani and Clovis Barbosa (both members of the experimental/dub franco-brazilian project Du O des Etoiles) shared a casual psychoactive-inspired UFO sighting.Since then, and with varying lineups, AFCS has been a natural and spontaneous union of bodies and souls on a cosmic trip. On this, their debut release for Fabrica Records, AFCS deliver a total of 5 tracks which conjure up the sounds emitted by playing dusty early “easy listening” electronic music records on your turntable, the psych/sonic explorations of Throbbing Gristle, early Sonic Youth, Spectrum, Experimental Audio Research, and the echoes of Santiago’s busy urban sound-scape. AFCS features current and former members of Chilean psych-ensemble La Banda’s and Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane. Pro-dubbed edition of 100 (only 50 copies will be available for distribution in the USA).

FAB008 ORBLESS Spinning Liquid Mirror C30
Spinning Liquid Mirror is a suite of deep journeys through modular synthesis. Influenced by research into planetary harmonics, phenomenological frequencies, and zero point energy systems, Orbless has delved headlong into closed system frequency modulation and self generated looping patches. With SLM, Orbless has pushed further into new realms of synthesis based composition. Pro-dubbed C-30, edition of 100.

EarthMaster’s compositions and improvisations produce submerged and cavernous sound environments. Heavily influenced by psych, drone, and slowed down 80′s new wave, EarthMasters taps into zonked out lo-fi psych pop, ritualistic chanting, and lush synth/vocal drones to create an ethereal sound-scape. Pro-dubbed C-20, first edition of 50.


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