Knotted Cord

Knotted Cord – ‘Polyphonic Beasts Expand In Parallel’
Knotted Cord is the band of Northern California-based musician Rebecca Keehner. Rebecca plays all instruments in the band, including Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Violin, Vocals, Horns, and Percussion. Rebecca has played guitar in noisy multi-piece bands for several years. This is her first solo project which she began in August 2010. The band’s influences include Deerhoof, Spiritualized, Psychic Ills, and D Rider/Dead Rider, and has also drawn comparisons to Thurston Moore/Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Throbbing Gristle, Philip Glass, and Wendy Atkinson. The band is located in Sacramento, CA, US.  Polyphonic Beasts Expand In Parallel is Knotted Cord’s first full-length release following up on the Moth-Shaped Flame EP (S/R Feb 2011).  The songs on the new album expand on the dreamy fragmented minimalism of the EP with denser compositions, elastic rhythms, layered guitar and bass melodies and dissonant noise, analog keyboards, and emotional and chaotic drums. Vocals are used as a layer of instrumentation—often flowing in and out of instrument sounds, lyrics relate to dreams, tension, out-of-body experiences, parallel realities, and coinciding occurrences. Ongoing insomnia while writing and recording contribute to the frenetic energy and psychedelic dreaminess of the album.


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