905 Tapes

905.157: OPPONENTS – ‘SCOPES SARCOPHAGUS’ C44 $6(US)/$7(CAN)/$9(World)
opponents have this way of blending paralyzing trance nuggets with jagged crunchers that just send you into a total state of confusion. it’s insane. top it all off with alien answering machines messages and scopes sarcophagus is ready to blast you off to never never never never land.

905.156: GRASSHOPPER – ‘CLASSICAL MUSIC’ C20 $6(US)/$7(CAN)/$9(World)
hot on the heals of their full length baker goodnight sweet prince, classical music is a two track, 20 minute journey into deep delphi zones from next level experimental wizards grasshopper. between inventing new coke and rolling super tight pinners, derosa and millrod manage to be the most consistent dudes in the game. instant hits from the bong.

905.155: MOTEM GOLD TROWTH – ‘SPLUR INTERRUPTER’ C35 $6(US)/$7(CAN)/$9(World)
totem mold from an alternative universe / time line / time zone / line zone. scuzzy bloopers and sticky-icky creepy crawlers. total weirdo stuff.

905.154: RUST WORSHIP + DANIEL J. MOORE SPLIT C44 $6(US)/$7(CAN)/$9(World)
a gentleman’s melee between obsolete units’ front office man paul haney’s rust worship endeavor and daniel j. moore, who is no stranger to the 905 game (family treasures, heaven people). both dudes clang out in, steel cage style, creating strident soundscapes while figuring out how to keep the vibes hypnotic.


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