Sacred Phrases

m. geddes gengras – ‘tetragrammaton’
Intense emotions, vibrant colors, and candid sounds flood the listeners senses. This tape cosmically guides it’s listeners through it’s superabundance of sensory feedback, bringing on a sense of weightlessness. limited edition of 100, art by adam.

hobo cubes – ‘pearl mirage’
Foisted into an idyllic underworld, where fanciful dreamlike realities rule and banal existences fall by the wayside, electronic tones and keys reflect neon lights, which illuminate and lead the listener through this unearthly realm. limited edition of 100, art by adam.

spirit catepetl – ‘lai khur’
These tracks take the listeners on a post-ritual journey in the form of astral story telling. The listener is inserted into raw and mesmerizing, but obscured, strings accentuated by grainy electronics, which transport them on this late-night odyssey. limited edition of 100, art by adam.

gimu – ‘a season in your soul’
Orchestral and nostalgic, these tracks, in their composite simplicity, bring on the sense of a life once lived in grandeur. Obscured and muffled, the drones have a markedly ancient tone about them that alludes to the multi-layered, yet monochromatic, nature of the piece. limited edition of 100, art by adam.


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