RAGS/The Ether Staircase split C44
Separated at birth, these two projects were bound to meet further down the road and here present an engaging dialogue in sound. On Side A, the inimitable Oakland artist and musician James Seevers under his solo RAGS banner issues a patchwork of melody and noise–clear blasts of interwoven darkness and beauty hold the listener rapt throughout the side-long journey. The Ether Staircase offers a murkier affair on Side B–something is quivering to life beneath the surface of a turbid pond. ((CAVE-04)) C-44 Edition of 20

Traces s/t C30
Little explanation provided, but from the first blasts of feedback it is clear that this tape chronicles bad times, but the initial violence pushes into more introspective moments of tape garble, and found sound. ((CAVE-05)) C-30. Edition of 20

The Lesser Siren – ‘Rowan Ash’ C30
Evoking excursions into California’s North Coast where the summers pass like forgotten promises, cold and hazy. Occasionally, there is light that filters down through the trees, warming the mulch, prompting the seeds of slow time. ((CAVE-06)) C-30 Edition of 20


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