Turned Word

TRDWORD24  CAETHUA – ‘The Summer Is Over Before It’s Begun’ LP $14
Edition of 500.  Caethua is the project of Maine resident Clare Hubbard, now collaborating with Andy Neubauer.  As Caethua walks deeper and deeper into the fogged up landscape, they bring with them a Walter Carlos take on baroque tinged psyche folk, and post industrial tinted lenses for which to look through.   With a handful of releases under her belt on a variety of labels, The Summer Is Over is one of Hubbard’s most realized works. Eight sonically perfect songs filled with heart-melting vocal melodies, and dream provoking lyrics. Tastefully accompanied by her piano, guitar, saxaphone and well placed soundscapes. She is joined on this record by the multi-instrumentalism of Andy Neubauer (Impractical Cockpit, Ancestral Diet, Flak Mask,Village of Spaces) who compliments this masterpiece with bass clarinet and cello. Recorded at The Pool Recording Studio by Alex Yusimov and artfully mastered by Tim Stollenwerk.    This is a split release between Turned Word and the debut release on the new Mississippi Records imprint, Water Wing Records.  Art work by Amy Moon.


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